Socio-PLT: Clustering Languages

What is Socio-PLT? | Video | Further Resources | Created by Leo Meyerovich and Ari Rabkin (EECS @ Berkeley)

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We split the 51 languages into clusters based on perceived properties by k-means clustering. A language with a bright color and low distance number beside it is close to the center of its cluster.

Explore what happens when you change the number of clusters. Also, look for items that can or cannot be easily fit.

decrease 5decreasek (avg distance: 0) increaseincrease 5
k-means with k = 2 TCL,7.0 R,7.0 Delphi,7.0 Matlab,7.0 ELisp,8.0 Fortran,8.0 Javascript,8.0 Objective C,8.0 Shell,8.0 Pascal,8.0 Ada,9.0 Perl,9.0 PHP,9.0 AWK,9.0 Mathematica,9.0 Forth,10.0 APL,10.0 Prolog,10.0 Visual Basic,10.0 C++,12.0 Cobol,12.0 ActionScript,12.0 Java,14.0 C,15.0 Assembler,16.0 O'Caml,6.0 Go,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 D,7.0 F#,7.0 Lua,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Clojure,7.0 Groovy,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Factor,8.0 Scheme,8.0 Io,8.0 Mozart-Oz,8.0 Erlang,9.0 J,9.0 Scala,9.0 Eiffel,9.0 Haskell,10.0 Ruby,10.0 Python,11.0 C#,12.0 Coq,12.0 REBOL,13.0 Agda,15.0
k-means with k = 3 C#,7.0 Javascript,7.0 Objective C,7.0 Groovy,8.0 Java,9.0 Perl,9.0 Ruby,9.0 Python,10.0 C++,11.0 C,12.0 TCL,6.0 Delphi,7.0 Matlab,7.0 Pascal,7.0 ELisp,8.0 Fortran,8.0 AWK,8.0 Prolog,8.0 R,8.0 APL,9.0 Visual Basic,9.0 Shell,9.0 Mathematica,9.0 Ada,10.0 Forth,10.0 PHP,10.0 Cobol,11.0 ActionScript,12.0 Assembler,15.0 O'Caml,6.0 Go,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 D,7.0 F#,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Clojure,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Erlang,8.0 Factor,8.0 Lua,8.0 Scheme,8.0 Io,8.0 Haxe,8.0 Mozart-Oz,8.0 J,9.0 Eiffel,9.0 Haskell,10.0 Scala,10.0 Coq,12.0 REBOL,12.0 Agda,15.0
k-means with k = 4 Delphi,6.0 Fortran,7.0 TCL,7.0 Pascal,7.0 AWK,8.0 Visual Basic,8.0 Shell,8.0 Matlab,8.0 PHP,9.0 Cobol,10.0 ActionScript,11.0 Assembler,15.0 Factor,7.0 Prolog,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Go,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 D,8.0 J,8.0 R,8.0 Eiffel,8.0 Io,8.0 Mathematica,8.0 Ada,9.0 ELisp,9.0 Erlang,9.0 APL,9.0 Forth,10.0 Coq,10.0 Agda,15.0 C#,7.0 Objective C,7.0 C++,8.0 Java,8.0 Javascript,8.0 Perl,9.0 C,11.0 Clojure,5.0 Common Lisp,7.0 F#,7.0 Lua,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Groovy,7.0 O'Caml,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Ruby,8.0 Scala,8.0 Scheme,8.0 Haskell,9.0 Python,9.0 REBOL,13.0
k-means with k = 5 Clojure,5.0 F#,6.0 O'Caml,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Go,7.0 Lua,8.0 Ruby,8.0 Scala,8.0 Scheme,8.0 Haxe,8.0 Erlang,9.0 Haskell,9.0 Python,9.0 Factor,7.0 Prolog,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 J,8.0 APL,8.0 Io,8.0 Mozart-Oz,8.0 Forth,9.0 Mathematica,9.0 Coq,10.0 REBOL,12.0 Agda,14.0 TCL,6.0 R,6.0 ELisp,7.0 Javascript,7.0 Groovy,7.0 Shell,7.0 Matlab,7.0 Perl,8.0 PHP,8.0 AWK,8.0 ActionScript,11.0 C#,7.0 Java,7.0 C++,8.0 C,10.0 Delphi,5.0 Fortran,6.0 Pascal,6.0 Ada,7.0 Objective C,8.0 D,9.0 Visual Basic,9.0 Eiffel,9.0 Cobol,10.0 Assembler,15.0
k-means with k = 6 REBOL,0.0 ELisp,6.0 TCL,6.0 R,6.0 Matlab,6.0 AWK,7.0 Prolog,7.0 Mathematica,7.0 APL,8.0 Shell,8.0 C#,7.0 Objective C,7.0 C++,8.0 Java,8.0 Javascript,8.0 Perl,9.0 C,11.0 F#,6.0 Clojure,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Groovy,7.0 O'Caml,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Lua,8.0 Ruby,8.0 Scala,8.0 Scheme,8.0 Haskell,9.0 Python,9.0 Delphi,6.0 Pascal,6.0 Fortran,7.0 Visual Basic,7.0 PHP,9.0 Cobol,9.0 ActionScript,12.0 Assembler,14.0 Standard ML,6.0 Go,6.0 D,7.0 Factor,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 J,8.0 Eiffel,8.0 Io,8.0 Ada,9.0 Erlang,9.0 Forth,10.0 Coq,10.0 Agda,14.0
k-means with k = 7 Go,5.0 D,6.0 Lua,7.0 Groovy,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 Objective C,8.0 Eiffel,8.0 Io,8.0 Ada,9.0 REBOL,13.0 Fortran,5.0 Pascal,6.0 Delphi,7.0 Cobol,8.0 Visual Basic,8.0 Assembler,13.0 Coq,8.0 Agda,8.0 Haskell,9.0 APL,6.0 Prolog,6.0 Factor,7.0 J,7.0 Forth,8.0 Mathematica,8.0 TCL,6.0 ELisp,7.0 Javascript,7.0 R,7.0 Shell,7.0 Matlab,7.0 Perl,8.0 PHP,8.0 AWK,8.0 ActionScript,11.0 C#,6.0 Java,7.0 Python,9.0 Ruby,10.0 C,11.0 C++,11.0 O'Caml,5.0 Common Lisp,6.0 F#,6.0 Clojure,6.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Erlang,8.0 Scala,8.0 Scheme,8.0
k-means with k = 8 F#,6.0 Scala,6.0 Clojure,6.0 Python,7.0 Ruby,7.0 Haskell,9.0 C#,10.0 Forth,0.0 Javascript,6.0 Objective C,7.0 Perl,8.0 PHP,8.0 Shell,9.0 C++,10.0 Java,10.0 C,12.0 ActionScript,12.0 Delphi,5.0 Pascal,5.0 Fortran,6.0 Ada,8.0 Cobol,8.0 Visual Basic,8.0 Assembler,0.0 Go,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 D,7.0 Factor,7.0 Lua,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Groovy,7.0 O'Caml,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Io,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 Scheme,8.0 Erlang,9.0 J,9.0 Eiffel,9.0 REBOL,12.0 Coq,7.0 Agda,7.0 ELisp,6.0 R,6.0 Matlab,6.0 Prolog,7.0 TCL,7.0 Mathematica,7.0 APL,8.0 AWK,8.0
k-means with k = 9 Python,4.0 Ruby,4.0 ELisp,6.0 TCL,6.0 Javascript,7.0 AWK,7.0 R,7.0 Shell,7.0 Perl,8.0 ActionScript,11.0 D,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Eiffel,7.0 Go,7.0 Ada,8.0 Coq,9.0 Agda,13.0 Common Lisp,6.0 Lua,6.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Groovy,7.0 Haxe,7.0 J,8.0 Scheme,8.0 Mathematica,9.0 C,9.0 C++,9.0 Assembler,12.0 Visual Basic,6.0 Delphi,6.0 Pascal,6.0 Fortran,7.0 PHP,8.0 Matlab,8.0 Cobol,9.0 Factor,6.0 Prolog,7.0 Io,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 Forth,8.0 APL,8.0 REBOL,11.0 C#,4.0 Java,6.0 Objective C,7.0 F#,5.0 Clojure,5.0 O'Caml,5.0 Scala,6.0 Haskell,7.0 Erlang,8.0
k-means with k = 10 Fortran,5.0 Pascal,6.0 Delphi,7.0 Cobol,8.0 Assembler,12.0 C#,7.0 Java,7.0 C++,8.0 C,10.0 Coq,6.0 Standard ML,8.0 Agda,9.0 Lua,6.0 Smalltalk,6.0 Groovy,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 Scheme,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Ruby,8.0 Io,8.0 Mozart-Oz,8.0 Erlang,10.0 Python,10.0 REBOL,12.0 PHP,4.0 Visual Basic,4.0 APL,5.0 Prolog,5.0 Forth,7.0 F#,5.0 Clojure,5.0 Scala,6.0 O'Caml,6.0 Haskell,7.0 D,5.0 Ada,6.0 Objective C,6.0 Eiffel,6.0 Go,6.0 ELisp,6.0 TCL,6.0 R,6.0 Javascript,7.0 Shell,7.0 Matlab,7.0 Perl,8.0 AWK,8.0 Mathematica,8.0 ActionScript,11.0 Factor,5.0 J,5.0
k-means with k = 11 APL,5.0 Prolog,5.0 Mathematica,6.0 Coq,7.0 Agda,7.0 Visual Basic,5.0 Delphi,5.0 Pascal,6.0 PHP,7.0 Python,5.0 Ruby,5.0 C#,7.0 F#,5.0 Scala,5.0 Clojure,5.0 Haskell,7.0 Fortran,6.0 Cobol,8.0 Assembler,10.0 Go,5.0 D,6.0 Lua,7.0 Groovy,7.0 O'Caml,7.0 Eiffel,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Ada,8.0 Erlang,8.0 Smalltalk,8.0 Factor,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Io,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 J,8.0 Scheme,8.0 Forth,9.0 Objective C,7.0 C++,8.0 Javascript,8.0 Java,9.0 Perl,9.0 C,11.0 REBOL,0.0 ELisp,6.0 TCL,6.0 R,6.0 AWK,7.0 Shell,7.0 Matlab,7.0 ActionScript,10.0
k-means with k = 12 Io,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 Factor,7.0 Lua,7.0 Scheme,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 REBOL,11.0 Python,4.0 Ruby,4.0 Coq,0.0 C#,6.0 Objective C,6.0 Java,7.0 Ada,8.0 F#,5.0 O'Caml,5.0 Clojure,6.0 Go,6.0 D,7.0 Erlang,8.0 Scala,8.0 Haxe,8.0 Haskell,9.0 Eiffel,9.0 C,6.0 C++,6.0 TCL,6.0 ELisp,7.0 Javascript,7.0 Perl,7.0 Groovy,7.0 Shell,7.0 PHP,8.0 AWK,8.0 ActionScript,11.0 Pascal,5.0 Fortran,6.0 Delphi,6.0 Cobol,7.0 Visual Basic,7.0 Forth,6.0 APL,8.0 Assembler,10.0 R,5.0 Mathematica,5.0 Matlab,6.0 Prolog,7.0 J,8.0 Agda,0.0
k-means with k = 13 C#,5.0 Objective C,5.0 R,5.0 Mathematica,5.0 Matlab,6.0 J,8.0 Delphi,5.0 Pascal,5.0 Fortran,6.0 Ada,8.0 Cobol,8.0 Go,5.0 D,6.0 Groovy,6.0 Haxe,6.0 Lua,7.0 Eiffel,8.0 Io,8.0 Erlang,9.0 Assembler,0.0 PHP,6.0 TCL,6.0 Javascript,7.0 Perl,7.0 Shell,7.0 Visual Basic,8.0 Prolog,6.0 ELisp,7.0 Factor,7.0 APL,7.0 Forth,8.0 Mozart-Oz,8.0 AWK,9.0 Coq,7.0 Agda,7.0 Java,0.0 Clojure,5.0 F#,6.0 Scala,6.0 Python,7.0 Ruby,7.0 ActionScript,0.0 Common Lisp,6.0 Smalltalk,6.0 O'Caml,6.0 Scheme,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Haskell,9.0 REBOL,12.0 C,6.0 C++,6.0
k-means with k = 14 F#,5.0 Scala,5.0 Clojure,5.0 Haskell,7.0 Io,6.0 Scheme,7.0 REBOL,8.0 C#,4.0 Java,6.0 Python,8.0 Fortran,5.0 Pascal,7.0 Cobol,8.0 Assembler,11.0 PHP,4.0 Visual Basic,4.0 C,6.0 C++,6.0 O'Caml,6.0 Go,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 D,7.0 Factor,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 Erlang,8.0 J,8.0 Objective C,6.0 Delphi,6.0 Ada,7.0 Eiffel,7.0 ActionScript,10.0 Groovy,5.0 Javascript,7.0 Lua,7.0 Ruby,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Perl,8.0 Smalltalk,0.0 APL,5.0 Prolog,5.0 Forth,7.0 Coq,7.0 Agda,7.0 ELisp,6.0 TCL,6.0 R,6.0 Matlab,6.0 AWK,7.0 Shell,8.0 Mathematica,8.0
k-means with k = 15 Javascript,6.0 Perl,6.0 ELisp,7.0 PHP,7.0 Cobol,0.0 C#,6.0 Python,7.0 Ruby,7.0 Java,8.0 Ada,5.0 D,5.0 Objective C,6.0 Eiffel,6.0 Delphi,4.0 Pascal,5.0 Visual Basic,6.0 ActionScript,0.0 C,6.0 C++,6.0 Forth,6.0 APL,8.0 Assembler,10.0 Fortran,0.0 R,5.0 Matlab,6.0 Mathematica,6.0 J,8.0 Groovy,8.0 Prolog,8.0 Haxe,8.0 F#,5.0 Clojure,5.0 O'Caml,5.0 Scala,7.0 Go,7.0 Erlang,8.0 Haskell,8.0 Coq,7.0 Agda,7.0 Io,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 Factor,7.0 Lua,7.0 Scheme,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 REBOL,11.0 AWK,5.0 TCL,5.0 Shell,5.0
k-means with k = 16 D,5.0 Go,5.0 Objective C,6.0 Ada,7.0 Groovy,7.0 Eiffel,7.0 Haxe,7.0 C#,7.0 Java,7.0 C++,8.0 C,10.0 Python,0.0 Assembler,0.0 Clojure,5.0 Scala,6.0 Ruby,7.0 Forth,0.0 Shell,5.0 Javascript,7.0 PHP,7.0 AWK,7.0 R,6.0 Matlab,6.0 Perl,8.0 ActionScript,10.0 Mathematica,0.0 ELisp,4.0 TCL,4.0 Scheme,5.0 Smalltalk,5.0 Common Lisp,6.0 Lua,6.0 J,0.0 F#,5.0 O'Caml,5.0 Erlang,7.0 Haskell,7.0 Factor,6.0 Io,6.0 Standard ML,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 REBOL,9.0 Pascal,5.0 Fortran,6.0 Delphi,6.0 Cobol,7.0 Visual Basic,7.0 Prolog,7.0 Coq,7.0 APL,9.0 Agda,11.0
k-means with k = 17 Assembler,0.0 Erlang,0.0 D,5.0 Go,5.0 Ada,7.0 Eiffel,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 Groovy,8.0 Forth,10.0 Agda,0.0 Coq,0.0 TCL,5.0 ELisp,6.0 AWK,6.0 Shell,7.0 Prolog,8.0 Haskell,0.0 R,5.0 Matlab,5.0 Mathematica,5.0 APL,8.0 F#,4.0 Scala,4.0 ActionScript,0.0 Python,5.0 Ruby,5.0 Clojure,6.0 Common Lisp,6.0 Lua,6.0 Scheme,6.0 Smalltalk,6.0 Factor,7.0 Io,7.0 Javascript,7.0 Objective C,7.0 C#,8.0 C++,9.0 Java,9.0 Perl,9.0 PHP,10.0 C,12.0 REBOL,0.0 O'Caml,5.0 Standard ML,5.0 J,7.0 Pascal,5.0 Fortran,6.0 Delphi,6.0 Cobol,7.0 Visual Basic,7.0
k-means with k = 18 O'Caml,5.0 F#,6.0 Go,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 D,7.0 Clojure,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Erlang,8.0 Scala,8.0 Eiffel,8.0 Ada,9.0 Haskell,9.0 Mathematica,0.0 C#,4.0 Java,4.0 ActionScript,0.0 Objective C,6.0 Groovy,6.0 Javascript,7.0 Delphi,7.0 PHP,4.0 Visual Basic,4.0 Perl,0.0 Python,4.0 Ruby,4.0 Fortran,5.0 Cobol,6.0 Pascal,6.0 Scheme,5.0 Smalltalk,5.0 Lua,6.0 Haxe,0.0 TCL,5.0 ELisp,6.0 AWK,6.0 Shell,7.0 Prolog,8.0 Factor,6.0 Io,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 Forth,8.0 J,8.0 APL,8.0 REBOL,11.0 R,4.0 Matlab,4.0 C,6.0 C++,6.0 Assembler,0.0 Coq,7.0 Agda,7.0
k-means with k = 19 R,5.0 Matlab,5.0 Mathematica,6.0 ActionScript,10.0 Eiffel,5.0 Ada,6.0 Standard ML,6.0 F#,4.0 Scala,4.0 Pascal,5.0 Fortran,6.0 Delphi,6.0 Cobol,7.0 Visual Basic,7.0 Coq,0.0 D,3.0 Go,3.0 Python,4.0 Ruby,4.0 C#,6.0 Java,7.0 Objective C,7.0 C++,8.0 AWK,5.0 TCL,5.0 ELisp,6.0 Shell,6.0 Prolog,0.0 APL,0.0 C,0.0 Common Lisp,6.0 Clojure,6.0 O'Caml,6.0 Scheme,7.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Erlang,8.0 Haskell,8.0 Lua,5.0 Groovy,5.0 Haxe,5.0 Assembler,0.0 Agda,0.0 Factor,6.0 Io,6.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 J,8.0 Forth,9.0 REBOL,10.0 Javascript,5.0 Perl,6.0 PHP,6.0
k-means with k = 20 Javascript,6.0 Perl,6.0 PHP,6.0 Shell,6.0 J,0.0 Agda,0.0 Prolog,6.0 APL,7.0 ELisp,8.0 AWK,8.0 Assembler,13.0 R,4.0 Matlab,4.0 Mathematica,4.0 Factor,5.0 Forth,5.0 D,5.0 Go,5.0 Ada,6.0 Eiffel,6.0 Standard ML,7.0 TCL,5.0 Io,5.0 Mozart-Oz,0.0 C#,4.0 Java,4.0 Lua,6.0 Ruby,6.0 Groovy,6.0 Haxe,6.0 Python,8.0 C++,6.0 C,8.0 Objective C,8.0 ActionScript,0.0 Clojure,5.0 O'Caml,5.0 Common Lisp,6.0 F#,6.0 Smalltalk,7.0 Erlang,8.0 Haskell,8.0 Scala,8.0 Scheme,8.0 Pascal,5.0 Fortran,6.0 Delphi,6.0 Cobol,7.0 Visual Basic,7.0 REBOL,0.0 Coq,0.0
k-means with k = 21 PHP,4.0 Visual Basic,4.0 Delphi,6.0 ActionScript,6.0 C,6.0 C++,6.0 D,4.0 Go,5.0 Objective C,6.0 Scheme,5.0 Smalltalk,6.0 Io,6.0 Haskell,0.0 APL,5.0 Prolog,5.0 Forth,7.0 C#,4.0 Java,4.0 Eiffel,0.0 Ada,0.0 Python,4.0 Ruby,4.0 Fortran,5.0 Pascal,7.0 Cobol,8.0 Assembler,11.0 Agda,0.0 ELisp,6.0 Groovy,6.0 TCL,6.0 Javascript,7.0 Lua,8.0 Perl,8.0 AWK,8.0 Haxe,8.0 Shell,8.0 Standard ML,6.0 Coq,6.0 O'Caml,5.0 Common Lisp,6.0 F#,6.0 Erlang,7.0 J,8.0 R,4.0 Matlab,4.0 Mathematica,4.0 Scala,0.0 Clojure,0.0 Factor,6.0 Mozart-Oz,6.0 REBOL,8.0
k-means with k = 22 Erlang,0.0 C#,7.0 Java,7.0 C++,8.0 C,10.0 AWK,0.0 Assembler,0.0 Cobol,6.0 Visual Basic,6.0 Delphi,4.0 Fortran,6.0 Pascal,6.0 Objective C,8.0 Scheme,4.0 Smalltalk,4.0 Python,0.0 ActionScript,0.0 PHP,0.0 Javascript,5.0 Perl,5.0 REBOL,0.0 R,4.0 Mathematica,5.0 Matlab,6.0 ELisp,7.0 J,8.0 Shell,0.0 F#,5.0 O'Caml,5.0 Clojure,6.0 Go,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 Haxe,7.0 Scala,8.0 Standard ML,8.0 Io,5.0 Factor,6.0 Lua,7.0 Mozart-Oz,7.0 Ruby,4.0 Groovy,4.0 TCL,0.0 APL,5.0 Prolog,5.0 Forth,7.0 Coq,8.0 Agda,8.0 Haskell,9.0 Ada,5.0 D,5.0 Eiffel,5.0
k-means with k = 23 Fortran,5.0 Cobol,5.0 AWK,0.0 Eiffel,5.0 Ada,6.0 Standard ML,6.0 R,4.0 Matlab,5.0 Mathematica,5.0 ELisp,6.0 Agda,0.0 Common Lisp,5.0 Scheme,6.0 Smalltalk,6.0 Haskell,8.0 Shell,0.0 Prolog,5.0 APL,6.0 Coq,8.0 REBOL,0.0 Visual Basic,5.0 Delphi,5.0 Pascal,6.0 PHP,7.0 Assembler,0.0 TCL,6.0 ActionScript,6.0 C,6.0 C++,6.0 J,0.0 D,4.0 Go,4.0 O'Caml,6.0 Objective C,7.0 Forth,0.0 Factor,4.0 Io,4.0 Javascript,6.0 Perl,7.0 Java,9.0 Erlang,5.0 Mozart-Oz,5.0 Groovy,5.0 Haxe,5.0 Lua,6.0 F#,7.0 Clojure,5.0 Scala,6.0 Ruby,7.0 C#,5.0 Python,5.0
k-means with k = 24 Coq,0.0 Scheme,5.0 Lua,6.0 Smalltalk,6.0 Io,6.0 Assembler,0.0 Shell,0.0 REBOL,0.0 Factor,5.0 J,5.0 R,4.0 Matlab,4.0 Mathematica,4.0 Forth,5.0 APL,5.0 TCL,6.0 ActionScript,6.0 AWK,0.0 C++,7.0 C,8.0 Java,8.0 D,5.0 Ada,6.0 Eiffel,6.0 Go,6.0 Objective C,7.0 Standard ML,7.0 Mozart-Oz,8.0 Haskell,0.0 ELisp,0.0 Python,5.0 Ruby,5.0 C#,7.0 Groovy,4.0 Haxe,4.0 Prolog,0.0 Agda,0.0 Delphi,4.0 Pascal,5.0 Visual Basic,6.0 F#,5.0 O'Caml,5.0 Clojure,6.0 Common Lisp,7.0 Scala,7.0 Erlang,8.0 Fortran,5.0 Cobol,5.0 Javascript,5.0 Perl,6.0 PHP,6.0